Site Preparation


Unquestionably one of the most critical factors in any project, site preparation requires precision, technology, skilled technicians and an unwavering commitment to attention to detail. Site preparation is the solid foundation upon which the remainder of any project rests.

The site preparation capabilities of Baker’s Construction Services, Inc. includes precise grading and excavation, drilling and blasting by key licensed personnel, storm drainage and the installation of water and sewer lines that meet or exceed demanding code regulations.

Our ability to provide total site preparation services maximizes critical timing components and decreases the down time and scheduling conflicts encountered when waiting on outside crews for various project stages.

Road Construction


Whether creating a retail parking lot, constructing bridges, developing the infrastructure for a subdivision or building an entire section of interstate highway, Baker’s Construction Services, Inc. has a dedicated team of equipment and personnel prepared to meet the specific demands of heavy highway and road construction.

We work closely with municipalities, state governments and private developers to keep traffic flowing smoothly on existing roadways, as well as to create access where no roads have been before. In fact our experience in this arena has even made us a contractor of choice for both the Bristol Motor Speedway and the Kentucky Speedway.

When it comes to road construction, we literally move mountains to complete a project. Even the rugged terrain of Northeast Tennessee proves no match against our expert blasters, graders and excavators.



As part of our site preparation capabilities, we offer precise drilling and blasting.

Working with rock is a big part of what we do. BCS has full-time in-house drilling and blasting teams who are shooting just about every day. Our precise drilling and blasting is performed by key licensed personnel who have extremely strict safety standards.

Performing this work in-house gives us more control over the process as part of the larger project. Our teams have been moving mountains for over 18 years.


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